Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gold-Plating your Guinea Pig Litter

Earlier this month, we reviewed Carefresh Confetti Soft Pet Bedding, and concluded that it worked pretty much the same as cheaper bedding, but costs more because of the cool colors. This gave us an idea of how we could have an attractive-looking home without as much complaining from our humans about money. We call this idea "gold-plating" your litter, which is what humans do to jewelry to make it look like it's made entirely of gold when it's really not. You can do the same thing with your litter if you have a premium litter and a cheaper litter. In this case, we used All Living Things Paper Pet Bedding for the bottom later, and Carefresh Confetti Soft Pet Bedding for the top layer.

Layer 1.
Layer 2.
Oops. I scratched up layer 2!
Here's our verdict: It requires a little more time to set up than just putting down a single, thicker layer of one type of bedding. After that, it works, but sometimes we'll expose the cheaper bedding by walking around. To maintain the illusion, your human will have be ready to patch up these exposed gaps at a moment's notice. Our humans didn't seem too enthusiastic about this idea, but maybe yours will feel it's worth it.

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